Sunday, January 10, 2010

Instructional Design Student Exploring Blogs

I am currently a student at Walden University and I am pursuing my Masters Degree in Instructional Design and Online learning. This weeks assignment required me to search through several instructional design professional community blogs for information which I find relevant information in ID and to gain more familiarity with various tools and resources for which I can use and contribute to in a meaningful way.

The first sight I found of interest was This site offers its readers a wealth of useful links for the instructional designer interested in enhancing the e learning experience for their students. This site promises to offer something to both the new and experienced instructional designer. One blog in particular, “puts instructional design into context from a teacher’s point of view. It provides a step-by-step format of how a single lesson plan leads to instructional design(ID-simplified)”.

The next blog I went to and found helpful is, by Ferdinand Krauss resources relevant to the evaluation of e learning environments and the use of multimedia in distance learning. This blog also provides readers with links to other web articles intended to enhance “face-to-face and distance e learning environments, along with strategies for delivering knowledge in the digital age”.

The final blog and in my opinion the most useful for instructional design students and new professionals is titled blogs about: instructional design. This blog offers many different perspectives from both professionals, as well as, former and current students. This blog will be the most useful to me during this course because I can refer to the advice and information from other students and professionals that have recently walked this path. This blog will help me network with instructional design professionals from which I can rely on based on the fact that we participated in the same education at Walden University. I especially enjoyed the blog titled “presentation secrets by Steve Jobs”, which highlighted many useful ways to become a captivating communicator. I also visited a former classmates blog , by Andrea Hildreth titled sharing the learning journey. Andrea builds on this course’s required reading and adds a new perspective on connecting the learning theories, along with implementing effective lessons at any point of student learning.

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